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CAPOL® Complete finishing system for starchless manufacturing | Aussteller auf der ProSweets Cologne 2024

CAPOL® Complete finishing system for starchless manufacturing

Our complete finishing system for starchless molded gummies takes a comprehensive approach to surface treatment on starchless manufacturing lines. A precisely adapted product combination for demolding and oiling
ensures optimum surface treatment at all times during the process. The CAPOL® New Generation Anti-sticking Agents for starchless manufacturing create an appealing semimatte finish on the gummies’ surfaces.

Explore surface treatment potential in your starchless molding line:
- Manufacture gummies that consistently embody impeccable appearance, aligning with your high-quality standards.
- Elevate product appeal, eliminate sticking or overoiling to delight consumers.
- Our technical teams are here to collaborate on process and product excellence, tailoring solutions to your unique requirements.
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